Throughout the year, we will spotlight some of the participants that help make The First Tee of Harrisonburg so successful.



Geoffrey Riggs

What are your favorite things about The First Tee?  Getting to golf, and the coaches teach us a lot and always help us to get better.

What are your favorite Core Values?   I like honesty and respect. You have to be honest all the time, keeping score and even when you are not golfing, like at home or school. It is good to respect each other and grown ups because that is good manners.

What other activities do you  enjoy?   I like spending time with my family and friends. I like to play games on my tablet and go outside with friends.

What is your favorite subject in school?   My favorite school subject is math. We are doing multiplication tables and I already learned them at home this summer so I am good at them and can help my classmates.

Geoffrey is such a great young man and he is a perfect example of a participant in The First Tee program.  When we are discussing the Nine Core Values, he always has an example of how they are portrayed in golf and/or life.  He always has a very positive attitude, which is a tremendous asset in golf, because it is such a hard sport to play and not get frustrated.  Last year, Geoffrey had his 9th birthday party at our Learning Center.